AFL Grand Final 2009

weg-2008-hawks-premiers-17cmI’ve had one or two queries regarding how/where to catch Saturday’s AFL Grand Final here in NZ.

Basically, Sky televise the game live on Sky Sports 3, so you can catch it there. Failing that, there are live radio streams outlined in my previous post (this is surprisingly fun, easily the best time you can have drinking a coldie while yelling at your laptop).

But apart from that, it’s pretty slim pickings, and so my previous advice pretty much still stands (trawl the comment for some suggestions on live Internet streaming options. You mileage may vary.).

Also, the AFL site has a page set up with international venues that are hosting events for the game. However so far it only includes The Paddington in Auckland. The NZAFL also have a few more venues.

Anyway, good luck to any other Aussie expats watching the game on the weekend. May the Cats lose in the most humiliating way possible, hopefully by completely choking and blowing a comfortable lead in the last quarter, and making Gary Ablett Jnr cry (again). The Hawkers aren’t there this year, so the Saints will have to step up to the plate on this one.

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  1. Rebecca said

    As a truly exotic creature (an American female quickly becoming an AFL fan), I’ve spent some time trawling the interweebs looking for a place to watch the game. I’ve found has a link for a pay-per-view live coverage. They’re asking $5.99 USD, and I’ll have to stay up until 3am to watch the end of the game, but it’ll be worth it!

    Love the blog, by the way.

  2. fushnchupsblog said

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment.

    I’ve never had a lot of luck with live streaming, and I’m a bit dubious a fast-paced game of AFL could be reasonably streamed at a decent quality. Have you actually tried this service? For $5.99 I think I’m going to give it a try anyway.

  3. Rebecca said

    I’ve got a subscription to, and have watched a few of the archived games. They are simply the game as shown on ABC. The screen is small-ish, but the definition and speed are decent. I’ve listened to a couple of matches lives (not streaming video) through them, and they simply showed the progress of the ball with simulcast audio from one of several sources–you can choose from ABC, SBS, and a handful of others.

    It looks like the group doing the logistics for the finals (and charging the additional fee) is a group that handles streaming for several different sporting events, so they may have a handle on the whole thing (they’re doing the NRL finals, too). I’m willing to give it a go, as it’s the only chance I have of watching any part of the match.

  4. Clint said

    Can’t believe I’m going to miss the GREATEST sporting event in the world this weekend! Somehow, and this by no means is a reflection on sport in Christchurch, I don’t think the Rugby at AMI Stadium will match it. Even if we do have a corporate box!!!
    Anyways, this is off topic, but does anyone know of ANYTHING cool that is happening in Christchurch tonight???

  5. fushnchupsblog said

    I love the Internet:

  6. fushnchupsblog said

    And this is the pay-site mentioned by another commenter:,,12637~0~2196,00.html

  7. fushnchupsblog said

    And a big Screw You to the AFL – the game cannot be streamed into NZ from Omnisports, only the EU and UK.

  8. fushnchupsblog said

  9. fushnchupsblog said


  10. Ruth said

    hahaha shamo-waymo Geelong too good…and G.Ablett with tears….but tears of Joy….:D:D

  11. figjam said

    What a match! Edge of the seat stuff for sure. Great advertisement for AFL. Lead up to the Grand Final was great with Big Brendon Fevola putting on a display of drinking At the Brownlow Medal count not seen since David Boon’s First Plane trip to play in an ashes series.
    The display was so good he Got sacked yesterday……hahaha. AFL you gotta love it….

  12. Cat Fan said


    Geelong are premiers again!

    Poor old Hawks will have to be satisfied with an early draft pick!

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