Dingo Deans: Saviour or Saboteur?

The scenario: The All Blacks bombed out of the last World Cup badly, as did the Wallabies. Much of the blame for the All Blacks’ failure was placed on their coach, Graham Henry, due to his controversial rotational selection policies.

Most ABs coaches don’t last long after such an embarrassment, and there was another younger coach who’d been very successful at Super 14 level by the name of Robbie Deans. Many expected Deans to replace Henry.

At this time the Wallabies were also looking for a new coach, and were interested in getting Deans (a kiwi) on board. However his preference was to apply for the ABs job, which he did.

So, the NZRU had the choice of two main contenders: Henry, who’d tried and failed, and Deans, seen externally as the favourite.

We all know what happened: Henry, despite pretty much being seen rightly or wrongly as one of the main causes of the ABs under-performance at the World Cup,  was reappointed. Leaving Deans to take up the Wallabies job.

The Wallabies camp thought they’d won lotto, but I think we might’ve been duped.

I mean, last night, an out-of-form All Blacks comfortably beat a supposedly in-form Wallabies after a second half comeback. This is an ABs team that only managed to flog, rather than massacre, a weak Italian team recently (I’m led to believe a comfortable 27-6 victory was disappointing).

And I don’t buy the whole we-haven’t-won-in-Auckland-for-137 years excuse. Australia does not do losing. At least not well. Don’t get me started on the bloody Ashes.

So, until Deans proves otherwise, I think he might be the Terry Wallace of international rugby coaching. For you kiwis, Wallace could probably be best described as all sizzle and no sausage, as the recently departed coach of the Richmond footy club.

Either that or he’s a saboteur, sent by the NZRU to ensure the Wallabies don’t win the next World Cup (because if anything could cause riots in the streets of NZ, the Aussies winning a WC hosted by New Zealand would be just about it. Actually it’d be beautiful to watch – from a distance). If this is the case, then well played NZRU. It’d almost be an Australian-esque venture into questionable ethics in the sporting arena. About time you caught on.

Of course I wouldn’t have the slightest clue if I might be right, seeing as I follow proper football, and really I am completely uninformed and unqualified to be commenting.

But still, there’s a small chance I might be on to something. Let’s wait and see.

In the end, none of this really matters of course, because the Hawks are doing a pretty good impersonation of Lazarus, easily beating the Pies and keeping alive their finals chances (until they play Geelong again). Carn the Hawks!

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  1. Squivy said

    Go them HAWKS … with you Mr F&Chups 100%. Can they reach the GF in a consecutive year?

    BTW that ABs versus Wallabies game last Saturday was a yawn, I switched to the “real footy” as soon as possible!!

  2. fushnchupsblog said

    Hi there Squivy,

    The big test is next week against the Cats. A win and they might be able to shake up the finals, a loss and I reckon they might struggle to make it. It’s the first bit of momentum they’ve got going the entire season, but I think one more thumping or injury to a key player and they may as well call it a season and get everyone ready for 2010.

    But at least they’ve found a bit of form, finally, eh? It’s been a painful season so far…

  3. nigel said

    I think you could have a point about Robbie Deans. Who was that team he put on the park on Saturday night? Why did they all look like rabbits caught in the headlights? Where was all the confidence they oozed against Italy and France?
    I bet Robbie is really a secret plastic surgeon and he has spent the last year operating on a bunch of Sydney competition third graders to make them look exactly like the real thing. And they were the players who represented us in Auckland last weekend.

  4. fushnchupsblog said

    Nigel, you’ve just outdone me in the tinfoil hat stakes mate. You could be right. Could Lote Tuqiri’s replacement’s surgery have gone horribly wrong, hence his sacking?

  5. figjam said

    The ausssies only peak about world cup time. Will be great to see Deans and the aussies hold the cup aloft. I wouldnt get excited about the hawks,i thought after 7 straight wins the pies were ripe for the taking but the hawks can do some damage no doubt coming into September. You dont fluke winning a gf do you? Now the ashes….is punter going to lose 2 ashes series in a row on away soil? Say it isnt so. Brad Hodge needs to be there and Simon Katich needs to bowl his left arm chinaman googlies more often. Why is Shane Watson still hanging around there? Anybody?

  6. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

  7. Peter said

    Everybody forgets, especially people from Canterbury, that Deans was the assistance coach for another ill fated world cup attempt i.e. John Hart’s All Blacks.

  8. fushnchupsblog said


    I’m hoping you’re wrong about the Hawks, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you might be right. The next couple of weeks will tell a tale.

    Buggered if I know about the Ashes. We’re just not the outfit we once were. Remember back when, even if we lost quick early wickets, there was always at least one batsmen who stood up and put a score on the board? Or when we could chuck the ball to McGrath and Warne and defend small total, or make that all-important breakthrough? This mob just don’t have that, and rely on a bit of good fortune to go their way to scrounge a win.

    But then if Johnson can get his head right and bowl like he did against SA we’ll win the next three tests on the trot.

    And Shane “Paper Cut” Watson – please let him never be picked for an Australian team again.

  9. fushnchupsblog said

    Hey Peter, what year was that? An assistant can’t exactly be blamed I guess too much, but also I doubt the guy walks on water like some people seem to think.

    But once again I’m hardly qualified to comment, so I’ll shut up…

  10. Squivy said

    What a stunner of a game yesterday arvo’ between the Hawks (Hawthorn) and the Cats (Geelong) …. unfortunately for us Hawks fans they went down by 1 miserable point (99 – 98 final score) ……. and on a kick after the final hooter had gone. Oh miseria miseria!! ‘Una historia de verdad’, segundo yo (“vera historia” is mixed Italian/Spanish, sorry linguistic purists)

    I was gutted and I am sure Mr F&C is in a state of shock under his orange dots in the Bay? I am sure you are!! Are you now hoping for that earthquake to fell you once and for all???

    So I suppose I am right in thinking that it all over for the Hawks bar a miracle. I was interested to see how defensive the game got and how the Cats froze the Hawks out on goal kicks for 6 pts, kept them to a series of 1pointer behinds. The game looked like Rugby on the tryline at times. Shows these footy codes share more in common than initially meets the eye.

    Still, it was an electrifying game that kept me on the edge of my otherwise comfy reclining armchair.

    Any Geelong fans out there (who are far from gutted this time) who are on their GF roll??

  11. fushnchupsblog said

    Can’t be too disappointed I spose Squivy, but we were up what? 24 points? a 3qtr time, and those after-the-siren jobs always sting. But still, I’m philosophical.

    Still good to know we pretty much have the Cats’ measure. Dunno what it is, we just seem to have the wood on them.

    In the end though, it’s probably a case of too much left to too few at the moment with the Hawks. They’ll have to keep up this form and play out of their skin to get anywhere near the finals.

    From all reports the Saints are the team to beat, whether they can keep up the form is another thing. Can’t say I’d be sad to see the Cats only pick up on premiership from their past three seasons.

    And if the Hawks don’t make the eight, c’mon the Doggies.

  12. Squivy said

    Ok then … out with the Doggies fan brigade …. where are they out there?

    Hey, Mr F&C how about a proper tipping blog coming now into the GF run? What do you reckon (even if the Hawks are ostensibly out)?

  13. fushnchupsblog said

    Hey, Mr F&C how about a proper tipping blog coming now into the GF run? What do you reckon (even if the Hawks are ostensibly out)?

    I think the interest may be limited somehow Squivy, but still – any takers?

    An I object to the last comment: we’re still a mathematical possibility!

  14. figjam said

    I still think the hawks will make the top 8. I think the blues and the bombers are getting the staggers. I actually tipped the hawks to beat the cats,so i wasnt far away. I dont think the cats will win the flag,they remind me a little bit of the Essendon team of 2000 who should have won 3 flags but ended up winning just the one. I am not convinced with the saints either. You wouldnt want to be going into the finals undefeated would you? My god,the pressure. Now i hate to say it,but those magpies are sneaking up on the opposition….those little forwards are a nightmare! interesting to note that the last time the pies won a flag the hawks won it the year before……

  15. Squivy said

    With the Hawks currently at no. 9 on the ladder you are right Mr F&C, just hope there are no more losses on the final siren to equal the Cats game!

    Fingers crossed again, sorry!

  16. fushnchupsblog said

    figjam, don’t even contemplate a Pies flag. Could you imagine? Eddie’s head would explode.

  17. figjam said

    Well the fat lady could be singing for the orrible Hawks….it is gonna be tough now. The cats are gettin the staggers and the saints snuck in by a whisker. Well i am going the early crow 2 months out….yes i believe the saints will play off against the magpies in a replay of 1966….this time i think the magpies can reverse that 1 point result….anyone want to have a stab? Now the ashes…..wtf is going on there? The aussie bowling attack resembles the 1995 Zimbabwe team. Punter has his work cut out for him.

  18. fushnchupsblog said

    When it gets to the stage of talking “mathematical possibilities” of making the eight, you know you’re doomed. Bring on 2010.

    You obviously rate the Pies eh Figjam :) I can handle them making the GF – as long as they lose by less than a kick. That’d be well worth it.

    Aren’t I a cruel bastard.

    On the Ashes: Warnie is exactly right. They’re being too nice. But the last day’s play they seem to be getting the anger back (ie. Mitchell getting in Flintoff’s face). To be honest though, I dunno if it’s the bowlers or the batsmen. Surely Hussey’s getting towards his last chance pretty bloody soon?

    Never say die though.

  19. fushnchupsblog said

    I should add: RIP Robbie Dean’s dad. I feel for the poor fella, must be a tough time.

  20. figjam said

    Mr F and C i like to see the form teams coming into the finals and the saints and the pies are reminiscent of the hawks and the cats this time last year. Gee the cats really do have 9 lives…well maybe 5 now! However anything can happen in finals as we all know. Papercuts Watson had not a bad testmatch…..Would anybody like to guess his next injury?

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