Notes from the Redwoods & Craters

Be Rude Not To

'Be Rude Not To' Trail @ Redwoods

Had yet another visit to the Redwoods in Rotorua yesterday. Despite the rain, we had a good four hour ride and covered a couple of new trails, along with a couple of favourites ridden previously.

Creek, Dipper, and Tahi were as fun as ever, if looking a bit worse for wear due to the recent wet weather and the heavy traffic these trails get. How they actually stay in such good shape despite the hundreds of people who ride them is actually pretty amazing. Still, you’d think that when summer rolls around there are a few patches that are going to need some repair work.

I also decided to check out Be Rude Not To seeing as everyone bangs on about it so much. But let me tell you, it is actually all it’s cracked up to be, even if one or two of the downhill parts are just a tad steep for my liking. But apart from that, it’s narrow, it’s bumpy, it’s slightly dangerous in places, and is possibly one of the most enjoyable tracks I’ve ridden, easily worth schlepping it up the climb to get to the start.

The other new trail was Lion Trail. And it wasn’t that impressive, but it is a handy shortcut to the western side of the park. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it again though, especially seeing as I managed a spectacular low-speed crash which resulted in a very ungraceful dismount down a bank (thank god for soft vegetation).

Also during the trip I checked out a bit more of the Craters of the Moon park in Taupo (covered previously). This time, apart from Tourist Trap, I also went around Squirt (twice) which is brilliant fun. You can go fast, but there’s enough to keep you on your toes. Also tried out Fast Eddie, which was okay, and then Bumble Bee, which leads you back down to the main road, and is a nice fun downhill track.

The Craters parks isn’t big by any stretch, but it’s really well constructed, and is definitely worth another visit to check out some of the further out trails.

So that was the last few days. The drive home was a bit of an adventure, as you can see below.

Napier/Taupo Highway

Napier/Taupo Highway after a fall of snow.

All in all, it was an excellent few days away. I still honestly cannot get over the amount of land set aside for mountain biking here in NZ, and the amount of work that people, a large proportion of whom are volunteers, put into building and maintaining the trails.


  1. Brena said

    Hi there – Great stuff you’re enjoying mountain biking. At Craters there’s a bunch more tracks up the hill / over the road like Tank Stand, Coaster (awesome fun), Outback, Mr & Mrs (brilliant) and quite a few more to enjoy – The park isn’t really that small once you do a full lap or two.

    Ride on!

  2. fushnchupsblog said

    Hi Brena,

    Cheers for that. I didn’t mean to imply is was ultra-small, just that it doesn’t have as many tracks as the Redwoods.

    I do plan to check out some of those ones you mentioned at some stage. To give you a bit of an idea I ride Grade 2 and some Grade 3 tracks. Grade 4 gets a bit hairy for me I’m afraid, think my self-preservation instincts start to kick in when the descents keep a bit steep :-)

    Thanks again.

  3. Brena said

    Cool – figured you may not have realised they were there.

    You’ll be fine on Tank Stand, Coaster and Mr & Mrs :)

    Also checkout the Rotary Ride – goes from Spa Park through to Huka Falls (or do it the other way round – bit more uphill first this way).

  4. fushnchupsblog said


    You’re making me want to take another trip up there asap. I’ll keep those ones in mind, thanks a lot.

  5. Sarah said

    Did you see the article in the newspaper about the investment being made by the Government to start work on seven sections of the national cycleway routes this summer? Fabulous news!

  6. fushnchupsblog said

    Sounds pretty neat eh Sarah?

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