A good idea is a good idea, even if it’s stolen

I knew this was bound to happen eventually. A good idea such as this simply cannot go unnoticed across the Tasman:

Premier’s cycleway dream

(Tasmanian) PREMIER David Bartlett peddled a bold vision to build a 450km bicycle track from Smithton to Hobart yesterday as he gave Burnie funding to help it become a cycle city.

“I have a bike rack on the back of the limo and look forward to the day when people will be able to ride from Smithton to Hobart on a dedicated cycleway,” Mr Bartlett said in Burnie.

This of course comes a few months after New Zealand PM John Key announced a bike track running the length of the country.

And did Barlett mention where he’s pinched the idea from? Perhaps give credit for the visionary idea to the man who had the original brainwave?

Not a jot, the cheeky sod.

Still, at least he appreciates the benefits of such a scheme:

“Every dollar invested in cycleways takes more cars off the road. Spending on cycling ticks all the boxes – climate change, health and wellbeing and tourism,” he said.

Apparently size does matter in this case, with both politicians seemingly quite keen to trumpet the length of their respective tracks. John Key’s is the length of NZ, David Barlett’s is planned to eventually stretch from Smifton to Hobart.

It seem it’s not enough to build tracks around the major cities and towns, they actually expect people to traverse entire bloody islands.

Anyway, John Key’s obviously got the longer track, however no mention has been as to the planned width of their respective tracks.

So anyway, it’s all good news. It should even get public support in Tas, as it’ll get cyclists off the road, out of the way of the log trucks.

Now if only Barlett would build a decent mountain bike park!

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