Quick, where’s the Aussie angle?

The motel owner in question. Looking sharp big fella.

Outrage once again in New Zealand this morning, as a motel owner in Palmerston North bans residents from Wainuiomata from staying there after a couple of sports teams acted like ferals.

This was on the front page of the Dominion Post. True story.

“Why?”, I hear you asking yourself, “Surely it’s just a small business owner being a bit of a tool?”

Hang on, you’ve missed the important bit:

“Supreme’s owner, Steve Donnelly-an Australian- said guests from Wainuiomata were more trouble than they were worth.”

Nope, the motel owner is one of those dastardly Australians!  Boooo!

This reaction may seem  a bit familiar for those of you who found this blog via a similar media beat-up.

Can someone please enlighten me as to how it is relevant that this guy is from Australia? Why did that need to even be mentioned, other than to stir up some anti-Aussie sentiment?

Surely that sort of thing should be the sole domain of amateur bloggers, not *cough* respected news organisations like AAP.

Anyway, at least our elected representatives take a balanced view on matters such as this. For example, the Labour MP Trevor Mallard did his utmost to lend a sense of perspective to the whole fiasco:

“It’s stupid and very, very unfair. It shows the sort of blind prejudice I thought we didn’t have in New Zealand any more. I’m not surprised the (owner’s) Australian.”

That is an astonishing statement in more ways than one.

Look, the motel owner might be a complete idiot for all I know. I’m not sticking up for him. But the fact the guy’s an Australian is simply irrelevant.

To any journalist considering taking any chance to stir up some Aussie-bashing: please don’t, you just make yourselves look silly.

Anyway, I’m sure Professor Mein Smith will chuck in her two bob’s worth pretty soon. Just as soon as she can think up a Phar Lap analogy.


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  1. Grant said

    Agreed. The guy is free to not allow whoever he likes and who cares that he’s an Aussie. Mallard, of course, is a fool, as we all know.

  2. Robert said

    The quote from Trevor Mallard is astounding. He himself is exhibiting the very prejudice he claims to disapprove of.

    The owner’s original nationality is not relevant. Of course if he wasn’t Australian there probably wouldn’t have been a story.

  3. admin said

    I must admit I’d never heard of Trevor Mallard before today. Having now read a bit on his past activities, the guy sounds like an NZ version of Bill Heffernan.

  4. James said

    Surly he should have banned Naenae and Taita 1st, followed by parts of Waiwhetu/Petone/Epuni/Moera/Waiwhetū/Seaview/Wingate. Anywhere else in the Hutt I’ve missed?

  5. Motella said

    Fair call about the Ozzie angle. I must admit that this did stand out for me and was stressed in the story to characterise the hapless motelier.

    Never heard of Mallard? Feel free to do a Google search of “Trevor Mallard” and “Heineken bottle” to get an insight into his past activities.

  6. admin said

    I like how some Wainuiomata residents have vowed to get even with him by going to stay at his motel. That’ll teach him!

  7. admin said


    Just ran your suggested google search. Sounds like a classy individual!

    Still, I suppose it could be worse, he could have suggested a Tui longneck.

  8. Rhiannon said

    I enjoy slating the hell out of you, but fair call this time around. His nationality is irrelevant. Don’t worry, Trevor Mallard’s a DUCKhead.

  9. admin said


    You’ve made my day. Seriously.

    People seem to have strong opinions on this Mallard chap. Is this guy like a Winston Peters-lite or what?

  10. Brett said

    New Zealanders are and always have been jealous of their Big Brother Aussie.. And will stop at nothing to try to put us ussunder..They need to remember that financially NZ is a joke and rely heavily on us aussie’s to stay afloat. I for one will not be bying Watties spaggetti anymore until NZ get some manners…
    Great site by the way, Im sure the local’s hate it… The truth often offends.

  11. Marita said

    I just saw this article in The Age and was ready to post it here as a wonderful example of typical media spin. Isn’t Mallard’s quote an exquisite example of hypocritical thinking? Of course, we all know it is racist/bigoted to criticise anyone based on their nationality, unless they’re from OZ, in which case they’re free game in the land of the long white cloud. My litmus test is to just insert the word Jew/Jewish for Australian and see whether it sounds offensive.

    When I came here (from OZ) I considered kiwis to be cousins (sometimes literally) from our long close association on the battlefields and as both being at the arse-end of the world and colonised from the same cloth. Indeed historically NZ was nearly a state of OZ and even now the two govt’s are considering removing the need for passport control between the two countries. That would mean cheaper fares between the two nations, and surely that would please everyone.

  12. Andrew said

    What a crackup. I reckon the guy’s probably got the right idea banning idiots but as you say irrelevant that he’s an ocker. However, it IS a great opportunity for Kiwis to get a bit back, so best we learn to take the joke like we expect them to, say ‘good shot, bro’ and wait for the next time :-)

  13. figjam said

    The owner doesnt allow people from Moe in Victoria or Redfern in New South Wales to stay so kiwis please dont be offended.

  14. ausois said

    He he he, just saw the whole thing on the Channel 7 News and Today Tonight (in Oz). Well, now Donnelly says he’s moving back to Aussie (maybe)!! The videoclip of his Scottish-born manager with glass of wine in hand was priceless too … send him back to Scotland for good measure.

    Yes Wainuiomata has (or had) a reputation but so do a bunch of other State Housing suburbs. Hope they don’t get it mixed up with the other Wai-places: Waitangirua, Waiwhetu or even Waikikamukau (sorry for that one) … I mean Waikaremoana!! Yep ban anything from any place starting with Wai (means water) … and WHY the hell not.

  15. Lonnie said

    Actually Basil Fawlty aka John Cleese had his own Palmie North episode a few years back … check out http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10440967

  16. Markus said

    Well done Steve Donnelly. I am not surprised that most Kiwis don’t get the point as most of them are bogans. We are from Europe and love the country and hips of our Kiwi friends, stick with them and simply ignore idiots … and there is quite a few of them … watching something on telly so have to go but will be back with more comments.

  17. David said

    I’m the Kiwi that was on the news a couple of weeks ago because I was refused the right to apply for a job with the Victorian Metropolitan Fire Board. I know what discrimination feels like.

    Mr. Donnelly is discriminating – but not based on nationality. It is not illegal discrimination. Vilifying him because he is an Aussie, on the other hand, would, I believe, be illegal.

    NZ has a Human Rights Act to protect the rights of all residents. Australia does not. For example – under Australian Federal law it is perfectly legal to discriminate based on nationality. Unfortunately, Australia’s poor protection of human rights, and its even poorer past behaviour, do not give it a very good reputation overseas.

    When overseas I have been called a racist on more than one occasion because people think I’m an Australian. When I am home in Australia I get treated unequally ‘cos I’m a New Zealander – but discriminating against or vilifying Aussies is not going to improve matters.

    New Zealanders should know better and set the right example for Australians to (hopefully) follow.

  18. maxine said

    I dont give a fly’s butt where that blob is from, he’s entitled to ban whoever he wants from his place of business… As for Brett, Australians compare themselves to New Zealanders continuously, simply for the fact that, They can never measure up against other Countries their size .. and we’re jealous? the joke’s on U buddy

  19. Julie said

    I am uniquely positioned to comment on this whole New Zealand/Aussi debate as I am BOTH an Australian and New Zealand citizen – lived equal amounts of time in Sydney and Auckland. I am currently living in London England.

    I love Sydney and I love Auckland. Both cities are lovely. Forget about one person trying to stir up the pot – the vast majority of Aussis really like Kiwis. However, when Aussis have any spare cash they rarely go to New Zealand with it preferring to go further abroad.

    Both New Zealand and Australia are stunningly beautiful especially compared to shitty London England which is vile.

    New Zealanders are in fact more stylish than Australians. Also many New Zealand companies produce world class products e.g. the wine industry, the fashion industry etc.

    Basically I am both an Aussi and a Kiwi – I won’t tolerate the Aussis knocking the Kiwis and don’t like the Kiwis knocking the Aussis just because of a few ignorant people.

    I don’t think Kiwis have an inferiority complex – they know how world class many of their products are and how smart many New Zealanders are…

    Note that New Zealand has been voted the number 1 tourist destination in the world here in the UK ahead of Australia.

  20. Julie said

    As both a New Zealand and Australian citizen currently living in England I just had to point out that the above poster is wrong regarding Aussies reputation overseas. Overseas they LOVE Australians – I have travelled everywhere. And we don’t need a shitty left wing and politically correct Human Rights Act in Australia which asylum seekers just exploit to try and get their hands on welfare handouts courtesy of the poor New Zealand tax payers [of which my poor parents are two of them].

    The only thing I hated about New Zealand was Helen Clark. Thank god that stupid communist cow is now gone…

    Let’s hope the Labour party never gets power again in NZ but in the years they were in power, they did a lot of damage to the country.

  21. David said

    Dear Julie,

    You should consider yourself lucky indeed that you are both an Aussie and a Kiwi, as it might be interesting for you to note that if you are now born in Australia to New Zealand parents you will not generally be granted Australian citizenship by birth. Also, a New Zealander may now live he rest of his or her life in Australia but will never become eligible for citizenship and aquire the right to vote.

    I have grown up and lived in Australia for most of my life, but my right to citizenship was taken away from me because I am a New Zealander. I recently applied for a job as a firefighter and was refused on the ground that I am not eligible for citizenship!

    On the other hand, Aussies in NZ enjoy equal rights.

    If I were an Aussie in NZ I’d be mighty grateful for that “shitty left wing and politically correct Human Rights Act”.

    I wish Australia had one. Then I wouldn’t be in my current predicament.

  22. ausois said

    David, do your homework on your eligibility for Australian citizenship. If you lived in Australia on or before March 2001 as an NZer you are automatically eligible for Australian citizenship on application. As are your children.

    It is only if you arrived permanently AFTER this time do you have apply formally for Permanent Residency and pay a load of cash. If you came and went, it doesn’t matter, they look at your passport, medicare status etc to assess your eligibility. Sounds like to me you are fully eligible and pleading bleeding heart. Even if you arrived after March 2001, you can apply for PR and you will find you will have served your wait time and can apply for citizenship maybe only a few months after getting formal PR. Before March 2001, Kiwis had automatic PR on arrival, so if this is you, stop bleating or go see an Immigration lawyer with all your paperwork ready to go. Honest straightforward advice mate!

  23. ausois said

    David, on a very quick search I got this from the Dept of Immigration and Citizenship website, open link below:


    So, correction, before February 26, 2001 was the cut-off date. If after, it is more complicated but still do-able. Stop beating and do it soon if it is so important to you.

  24. Robert said

    I read the article on the NZ firefighter. Says Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission stepped in the fire fighters changed their stance. So how is discrimination legal then? Most (all?) nations have strict rules against employing non-citizens. Is that really “discrimination”?

  25. admin said

    Looks like the guy (or at least his manager) is digging an even bigger hole for themselves. The naughty chair comments on the tele last night made him look a bit stupid, and the Housing NZ comments made him look like he has a death wish.

    But he’s sticking to his guns, so we may as well sit back and enjoy watching the response.

    On another matter, what the hell is a member of parliament doing taking part in some stupid cross on live TV? It’s the first time I’d heard this Mallard guy speak, and he seems like an imbecile.

    Lonnie, I’d forgotten about Cleese’s comments on Palmerston Nth. Surely Wainuiomata could come up with a response along the same lines? The Steve Donnelly public toilet block, for example?

  26. admin said

    Sorry, The Steve Donnelly (an Australian) public toilet block.

  27. donnasoowho said

    While I agree that the fact the motel owner is Australian is completely irrelevant, how is this any different to any other media story (both in NZ or Australia) where the ethnicity of a protagonist (indian, asian, whatever) is unnecessarily mentioned? It’s not like it’s a new thing.

  28. admin said


    Read the quote by Trevor Mallard. Now, substitute Indian/Asian/whatever for Australian. See the issue?

  29. Lisa said

    Mallard is a twanker. As for the motelier, it’s a lame PR stunt and being compared to Fawlty is cliché although I did smirk on hearing John Cleese one referred to Palmerston North as being the place to go to commit suicide.

    And no, Brett, not all the locals (no apostrophe required) don’t hate this site. It’s genius.

  30. David said


    Glad to see you bothered to do some research on the matter, but I would advise not to make comments about a matter you do not fully grasp. This is a reply I received from the Director of Citizenship policy:

    You first entered Australia as the holder of a New Zealand passport in 19XX.

    On 1 February 1993 the statutory definition of an “Australian permanent resident” was amended in the Migration Regulations and was defined as a “non-citizen and exempt non citizen, other than an illegal entrant, being usually resident, is a person who is likely to remain permanently in Australia”.

    From 1 September 1994 the definition of “Australian permanent resident” was amended and is now defined as a “non citizen who being usually resident in Australia, is the holder of a permanent visa”. New Zealand citizens ceased to be exempt non-citizens and were excluded from the definition. This means you were considered under migration legislation to be an Australian permanent resident until 1 September 1994. You are also aware that until 26 February 2001, New Zealand citizens were regarded as Australian permanent residents for the purposes the Australian Citizenship Act 1948.

    As you are currently the holder of a subclass 444 (Special Category) visa (temporary) you are not regarded as an Australian permanent resident for the purposes of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007

    I hope this information is helpful.
    Kind regards,


    Nadine Clode
    Citizenship Policy
    02 6264 4719

    That seems fairly conclusive to me – I lived in Australia for many years as a permanent resident, but in 1994 the Govt took this status away from me on the sole ground that I am a Kiwi. In 2001 they took my eligibility for citizenship away – again, because I am a Kiwi. Sounds like blatant discrimination to me, but under Australian Federal law discrimination based on nationality is OK. However, under state law it is race discrimination.

    SO I can’t touch the Federal Govt as they are free to discriminate (and do so prevalently), but I can go after the MFB for race discrimination if they unreasonably base their hiring policy on Australia’s unequal Citizenship laws for Kiwis.

    I haven’t finished with the MFB yet. I am seeking a public apology.

    I think that in this case, the Aussie motelier may also have grounds to seek redress from anyone specifically targeting him for his nationality.

  31. ausois said

    David, just download the PDFs from the website, complete your application for citizenship based on the fact you were in Australia before 26 February 2001 – longer than me if you arrived in the early 90s. I became an Australian citizen with no dramas and arrived in 1998. If that doesn’t work … and forget the firefighter thing … then I’m stumped. However wrote the letter mustn’t have known her own guidelines. Failing all of that, go and waste some money on an Immigration lawyer … but I don’t see why you should have to.

  32. skamp said

    “On the other hand, Aussies in NZ enjoy equal rights.”

    My arse they do – at least not in practice. My lovely Australian wife (yes, we steal your women as well as your jobs ;)) was refused permission to give birth in our local public hosptial on the grounds that she was not a NZ citizen. Being an aussie made no difference, she may as well have been from Mars. We had to go through a ridiculous hoop-jumping exercise to get her in (proof of marriage, residency, etc). I’m currently going through the process of gaining dual citizenship for my eldest daughter (also Australian by birth), just so she isn’t subjected to needless crap like this in later life. Doing the same for our other two kids should we ever move back to Aus will be the first thing we do.

    I love this place, but sometimes it drives me nuts!

  33. Brett said

    Hahaha, Maxine.. you are a typical NZ loud mouthed female with too much yap.. No wonder the NZ males come and steal our Aussie women, our girls have a brain and can admit when their wrong….
    enjoy your 3rd world Isle…

  34. skamp said

    That’s “3rd world ‘isles’”.. dumbass.

  35. admin said

    Keep it nice people.

    Also, it’s “dumb-arse”.

  36. notamused said

    maxine, you’re absolutely right. brett on the other hand needs to grow a pair and hardened the hell up *

  37. David said


    Thank you for your esteemed advice. I assume you are an expert in Australian citizenship law in order to be able to claim that the written advice of the Federal Director of Australian Citizenship Policy “mustn’t have known her own guidelines”. Perhaps you might be willing to provide your contact details so that she has the opportunity to clear her good reputation by suing your “dumb-arse”.

    You should also be ashamed of the callous attitude you seem to portray. That is: You are OK as you could get Aussie citizenship and full rights, but you apparently couldn’t care less for all the other Kiwis who have lived in Australia for many years (and have even been born there) but who cannot.

    As for the comments from skamp concerning equal rights:

    “My lovely Australian wife was refused permission to give birth in our local public hosptial on the grounds that she was not a NZ citizen.

    If the above statement is true then it seems to be a clear breach of the Human Rights Act 1993.

    You can contact the NZ Human Rights Commission on InfoLine 0800 496 877 (toll free)

    Let us know what the outcome of your conversation with the Commission is. If we never hear from you again then we can only assume that your claims of discrimination were baseless.

  38. Leo said

    Julie sais that New Zealanders are more stylish than Aussies … this is a fabulous joke … New Zealanders are BOGANS without style whatsoever … this is obviously generalization as there are many stylish NZers but most are shockers.
    NZ produces fine products … NZ is good in sport … NZs inginuinity bla bla bla … this is called indoctrination (a bit like communists do) … give me a break … there are of course success stories but too few to get too excited. Must say hat down to Aussies in all respects: style, sport, business etc… they are pricks but at least successful pricks.

  39. ausois said

    David, I have tried to be nice but you don’t get it! You must be eligible for Australian citizenship, as I say, get on with and apply as many other Kiwis have already done!

    …. In fact as you have lived here for so long, why haven’t you done it already? You could have voted, joined the Police, Army, got a job with the VMFB etc. … your problem mate and you could have solved it years ago.

  40. David said

    Hi Ausious,

    I appreciate that you belive that I “must be eligible for Australian citizenship”. Given that I have lived in Australia for over 30 years, and given that I assumed that Australia seems a decent country that would never perpetrate such a spiteful act of race discrimination, then I understand why you are confused.

    Unfortunately, I am sad to say that you are wrong. Like Russell Crowe, I was born in Wellington and grew up in Australia. Like Russell, I temporarily work overseas from time to time. Like Russell, I was not in Australia on the 26th Feb 2001. Now neither Russell or myself seem to be eligible for Aussie citizenship.


    (This piece of apparently blatant discrimination was never agreed to by the NZ Government BTW – as falsely claimed by the then Minister, Philip Ruddock)

  41. David said

    To Ausois

    I am the victim. I tried to become an Australian citizen but could not because I am a New Zealander.

    You are deeply offending me by claiming it is my fault for being the victim of discrimination. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Kiwi for the folloowing comments:

    “…. In fact as you have lived here for so long, why haven’t you done it already? You could have voted, joined the Police, Army, got a job with the VMFB etc. … your problem mate and you could have solved it years ago.

    Just to show how totally and utterly wrong you are please find below a letter from the Vice President of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties:


     On 26 February 2001, the Australian Government announced a change in the social security arrangement between Australia and New Zealand which requires New Zealand citizens entering Australia after this date to apply for and be granted permanent residence in Australia in order to access social security payments, obtain Australian citizenship, or sponsor family members for permanent residence.

     New Zealand citizens who have been long-term residents and taxpayers in Australia, and who had previously been considered Australian residents, must now apply for permanent residency unless they:
    1) were in Australia on 26 February 2001,
    2) were outside Australia on this date but had been in Australia for a period or periods totalling no less than one year in the two years immediately before that date, or
    3) have a certificate, issued under the Social Security Act 1991, that states that the person was, for the purposes of that Act, residing in Australia on a particular date, regardless of the date the certificate was issued.

     Therefore, certain New Zealand citizens (Special Category Visa holders) who were long-term Australian residents and taxpayers prior to 26 February 2001, but who were temporarily absent from Australia on that date, lost the benefits of Australian resident status due to the legislative change.

     New Zealand citizens were the only class of “Australian resident” under the Social Security Act 1991 that lost the benefits of that status, including Australian citizenship, upon return from a temporary absence from Australia.

     This appears to breach of s10 Racial Discrimination Act 1975, which provides for equality before the law, in that it adversely affects the legal rights of people of a specific national origin, ie long-term residents of Australia who are of New Zealand origin.

     Australia is a signatory to The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 1966.

     “General Recommendation 30” from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination states that differential treatment based on citizenship or immigration status will constitute discrimination if the criteria for such differentiation are not applied pursuant to a legitimate aim, and are not proportional to the achievement of this aim.

     The legislative change could thus be considered a breach of The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 1966.

    Pauline Wright
    Vice President,
    NSW Council for Civil Liberties
    8 June 2006

  42. ausois said

    David, sorry but Russell Crowe got his Aussie citizenship in 2006 by the way … last time I say anything on this matter. Case closed.

  43. skamp said

    Baseless? For crying out loud it happened, how can it be baseless?! And nice try with the passive-aggressive signoff on your post. We did ask for an explanation at the time, and were informed that these measures had been introduced to prevent exploitation of the local DHB’s maternity service (entering NZ to give birth in our hospitals before leaving again). Again, your claim that “On the other hand, Aussies in NZ enjoy equal rights.” might be all well and good in theory, but the reality – at least in our case – was clearly something quite different. Makes me laugh to contrast this with the 10 minutes or so it took me gain a Medicare card in Australia.

    The thing is though, we’ve moved on.

  44. pam said

    new on this blog and Im loving it. trevor mallard is just a pathetic mother f***er. admin, perhaps it’s time you send chuck norris to roundhouse kick some sense into mallard’s head bahahahaha.
    steven donnelly isn’t he scotish or some crap like that? good lord, don’t tell me the aussies are claiming him too as theirs lol.
    brett, don’t get your panties in a twist, it only shows your shoe size haha. we dont steal nothing from you aussie lot that you haven’t already stolen from the indigenous people. we do take your women, your jobs and your men as well lol, i should know, Im sleeping with one.
    leo, quit kissing arse.

  45. ausois said

    Case not quite closed David it seems. It appears you were genuinely unlucky David to have missed out on Australian citizenship. I include the link to this webpage regarding the limited advertising of the cut-off in 2004 for Centrelink certificates. Link below


    The fair thing obviously would be to re-open this avenue so you and others who are in limbo can sort things out.

    How exactly then did Russell Crowe get his Aussie citizenship? According to this http://www.underarmbowling.com site he would have been as ineligible as you have been judged David (absent from Australia after 26/2/2001, not in possession of this seemingly obscure Centrelink certificate) . This should surely set a precedent in legal terms.

    I think you have a case that could be put to the current Rudd government to fix up …… after all mistakes can be made.

    This is to show I do care about my fellow Kiwis, goodness knows how many, who missed out including you. But please no more nasty aggressive insinuations David, that cannot be helping you at all, can it.

  46. Ellie said

    “Julie sais that New Zealanders are more stylish than Aussies … this is a fabulous joke … New Zealanders are BOGANS without style whatsoever”

    Unfortunately, Leo, here in NZ, the term Aussie is synonymous with loud mouthed, crass and badly dressed bogans a la Kath & Kim.

    It’s bollocks but it’s generally what you hear mentioned regarding the word Aussie. On par with Kiwi sheep assaulters. I’m not sure which one I’d prefer seeing as identify as both Kiwi and Aussie. Kath & Kim or Lanolin fetishist? Hard one.

    And Leo, mate, use the fecking spell checker. You sound demented.

  47. Leo said

    To Ellie … this was expected at some point. When Kiwi BOGANS don’t have anything to say they turn to English .. pathetic. And interestingly it never comes from inteligent Kiwis … it does indeed come from BOGANS.
    Look Ellie … 20% of NZers are cultural, intelligent, smart, stylish … the rest are, let me think, BOGANS … no need to be too nasty.
    OK no more I’m sure that you are one of 20% … I still like you guys .. even those 80% of BOGANS.

  48. David said

    Ausois said:

    How exactly then did Russell Crowe get his Aussie citizenship? According to this http://www.underarmbowling.com site he would have been as ineligible as you have been judged David (absent from Australia after 26/2/2001, not in possession of this seemingly obscure Centrelink certificate) . This should surely set a precedent in legal terms.

    I think you have a case that could be put to the current Rudd government to fix up …… after all mistakes can be made.

    Thanks Ausois, apology accepted.

    I tried the Rudd Govt but no joy. Land of the fair go? What a joke! Ultimately, the Aussies are only fooling themselves that their laws are not discriminatory.

    To my knowledge, Russell Crowe never actually got Aussie citizenship (he tried in 2006, but seemingly never got it). You have to attend a public ceremony to get it (as you know), but I cannot find a single story anywhere of Russell actually attending one. I’m sure there would be some public record of it – but there is absolutely nothing.

  49. ausois said

    A propos Russell the phony Aussie Crowe …. I can surmise that if he is an Aussie citizen it is because Danielle Spencer (UK born!) sponsored him as a spouse then. If he is not and David would seem to be right that he never formally became a citizen in a public ceremony, there really is no mention anywhere, then get him off the 55 cent stamp as he is not an Australian at all!! Fake, fake … faaaake!!!

    To you David, if you do succeed in getting ahead in this Monty Pythonesque bureaucratic bungle it will only be if the cuurent Rudd govt recognises it did wrong ….. and rights it (amends legislation) for the likes of you, Russell Crowe and all the other Kiwis who deserve better than totally wh^*king shabby treatment. Finally, Amen, really last comment on this topic.

  50. trey said

    Y’all on some stank shit there Leo, mst be the Bush Fire Smoke gettn to your knuckle Head huh? In the States we brand Tricks like You “White Trash”. Aint never been to NZ, but travelled roun Australia fo bit & was diggn some parts, and Dang! them hot asian honeys y’al got there strait up shizzle. On the real tho’, Them Ozzies be rockin up in here 4 a better life, (coz I hear Australia’s a joke, be hookin up immigrants wit jobs instead & rely on America fo helpn hand) gotta be the most laziest People out, & their Women, lemme sum it up in 2 words – EASY LAY

    P E A C E

  51. Ellie said

    Leo, dude, whatever you’re smoking, I want some.

    Your posts are hard to decipher. Kiwi bogans turn to criticising inarticulate posts with bad grammar and spelling because it’s all they’ve got in terms of a retort? I’m not sure they’d be aware of those things let alone care to point them out. Perhaps, the underlying issue here is that you are a bogan aka white trash and it irks you. Just the vibe I’m getting from your poor grasp on the English language. I’m Aussie and Kiwi but perhaps 5% bogan given I partake in a little AC/DC now and then.

    And I’m nasty? I wish. I would like you know where you pulled the 20% figure from. The depths of your true blue bogan arse?

    I’m off to shag a sheep named Ebonnie-Rae, dressed in a pink velour tracksuit that’s two sizes too tight.

    Trey, I spat my coffee out over my keyboard. Thanks ;)

  52. maxine said


    Brett, you’re a Typical Mentally Challenged Australian.

    Leo, when you talk that Big, it usually means that you have something Little to hide.. LOL

    Don’t forget your Poppies for Anzac..

  53. figjam said

    Hey Trey that was the worst pretend to be an American rapper post i have seen. If Australia is so bad why are kiwis coming here in the thousands? Dont give me improving the australian i q crap either.The simple fact is Australia is a far superior country with more going for it. We like the kiwis and funny thing is all this stuff such as the fush and chups website hardly caused a ripple in Australia yet in NZ you guys went into meltdown. Put shit on the aussies as much as you want but the people there are voting with their airline tickets.

  54. Ellie said

    Aussie has the better weather, fijam, duh ;) That’s probably the gist of it.

    I think lots of Kiwis love this website so I doubt the general Kiwi population went into meltdown mode. A very overly sensitive, can’t see humour to save their lives, few got their panties in a bunch though.

  55. trey said

    Yo Fagg Jam, blow me.

    I ws sayn them Facts bout yo country thru my time thur simple as dat. Bet you one of them White Trash Tricks too huh, y’all migrate to the States in shit loads, so why yo trippn? them NZ peeps be rockn up to yo country fo the same reason as you Fool.

    Without the States, Australia n Britain will have no Ass to pucker up to, believe dat. TRUE STORY.

    P E A C E

    p.s Ellie – all good :D

  56. figjam said

    Ellie And Trey,firstly are kiwis coming to Australia to live and work in their thousands? The answer is YES.Trey dont know about thousands of aussies going to work in the usa.Trey next time if you post in english i would really appreciate it.

  57. Ellie said

    Um, yeah, figjam, you stated the obvious there, dude. Not something I was contesting but better weather helps I’m sure.

    I’d appreciate some decent grammar, figjam. Trey has his issues but tidy up your damn comments.

  58. figjam said

    Ellie weather has a tiny amount to do with kiwis coming to oz in the thousands. Really its about better money,employment opportunities and general living. Who can live on $10 bucks a hour? My comments are just fine and dandy as forrest gump once said.

  59. mike said

    Trey, What’s with the baby talk. You are clueless.

  60. Ellie said

    figam, I’m a bit like an aeroplane, I go over peoples’ heads. Sorry, dude.

    Young Forrest Gump couldn’t help his legs, what’s your excuse?

  61. Truekiwijoker said

    Hey Figjam have you ever actually been to New Zealand? I strongly suspect you haven’t, and quite possibly anywhere else outside of Aus.

    You might find out that in NZ you can actually live on $10/hr. You might also realise that Australia isn’t actually ‘superior’ at all and that NZ has things going for it you might not have imagined.
    You’re right, thousands of Kiwis are in Australia for work and opportunity. And thousands of both Aussies and Kiwis are in the UK for work and opportunity. Does this mean the UK is a far superior country to Australia? with far more going for it? Does this mean that the USA’s superior and has more going for it than Canada? or ditto the UK over France, Germany and Italy?

    Yeah many Kiwis are in Australia, because thanks to the open caste mining Australia has enjoyed higher growth in GDP per capita for some years and now the gap’s quite big. So with the open immigration arrangement we’re cashing in more than before, and I’m one of them. But if I see an opportunity back home make no mistake you won’t see my dust. Studies have shown time and time again over the years that over 4/5 of NZlanders who go to work in Aus return within 10 years once they save their doe, and that the permanent stayers from each country is about even stevens. Not that there’s anything wrong with Aus, it’s a nice country. But I prefer the climate and lifestyle in NZ where I can REALLY enjoy the great outdoors and meet people who are interesting. And no, I don’t think either country is superior and offers more than the other. They’re just different and each has its pros and cons.

    And finally if you’re under the impression this site would cause a stir amongst us then you really DON’T know us at all. And even granted that, applying logic; if we don’t care what the yanks or poms or saffas think on what grounds do you base any belief we’d care what ockers think? pretty simple deduction there…

  62. curious said

    my ancestors migrated to new zealand from china in search of a better life. they could have gone to australia instead, but no! now, we’re indeed living that fantastic life right here in nz, can’t imagine living anywhere else

  63. figjam said

    Gday Truekiwijoker,
    Let me respond.Yes i have been to NZ many times and it is a beautiful place. Wellington would be my favourite city. NZ has some things going for it but high wages isnt one of them. Had to laugh at calling us ockers…been to some towns in Nz and it was bogan city. I could actually live in Nz as its a friendly place with great outdoorsy things to do.

  64. truekiwijoker said

    Well Figjam, if you really feel the following:

    “The simple fact is Australia is a far superior country with more going for it.”

    The it seems odd that:

    “Yes i have been to NZ many times…”

    I’m also not certain what you’ve been up to or who you’ve met if you ever got the impression:

    “…all this stuff such as the fush and chups website hardly caused a ripple in Australia yet in NZ you guys went into meltdown.”

    I mean this made the ABC news, and yet people back home I asked weren’t even aware of it.

    But before you call NZ small towns ‘bogan city’, I’d like to remind you of something:
    While Sydeny, Melbourne and Perth have got their acts together in the last 20-30 years, and Brisbane and Canberra are improving, there’s the OTHER Australia.

    I’m pretty sure someone once called Tasmania ‘a poor man’s NZ’; saying it only had Architecture over NZ. I’ll go easy and not even mention South Asutralia. And then we can look at Wollongong NSW, Geelong VIC, Mackay QLD, Kalgoolie WA, Newcastle NSW (which actually has quite some population). Would the small town’s in NZ be more ‘bogan city’ than these places? I think would agree with me that they aren’t really. And then we can look at the Western Suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, I’ve honestly seen higher concentrations of bogans there than in NZ’s bogan hotspots like Hamilton and Upper Hutt.
    NZ’s a bit rough and low brow we’ll all agree, but it’s no worse than Australia! lol.

    In terms of wages against cost of living CPI Australia does for the most part have an edge over NZ, but it’s NOT very much and not universal. For instance; professionals have it tighter in Brisbane than anywhere in NZ. The only noticeable difference is for unskilled and low-skill labouring jobs, thanks to Unionism in Aus. But you have to work in the sweaty heat.
    And yes many of NZ’s best and brightest find their potential in Australia, just like they and many ockers do in the US and Britain. That’s just because the economies are bigger. For every one of those careers there’s 10 dead-end ones average Aussies grind through. It’s not unusual for people to work and save in an economy with higher currency value & wages and then return home after a few years, it’s been going on in the UK and USA for decades now.

  65. pam said

    and YES, Australians come from CONVICTS, (Wikipedia dsnt lie)dahahaha – so I guess that’s why the bloody Ockers think their shit dont smell lol

  66. figjam said

    Gday again True kiwi joker,
    ok superior might be a harsh word when comparing Australia to NZ…Maybe larger..The reason i have been to NZ many times is because i married a kiwi! I guess i got the impression that kiwis were in meltdown because of the number of hits on this website which is taking the piss yet the responses are very serious indeed! The small towns you mentioned in oz would be on a par with the towns ive seen in NZ regarding our bogan friends. You are right,there are many bogan towns in both countries and South Australia would be the closest thing i have seen to Wainuiamota. IN response to your call on wages i disagree that the difference is not much but hey we are allowed to disagreee right? IN response to pams stinging attack about our convict past,yes it is true we come from convict stock..it is awesome to think my relatives could have been mad stealing murdering bastards…Pam we dont think our shit dont stink..we just think we are the best in the world.

  67. pam said

    perhaps Fuckjam is heavily medicated and or just plain hallucinating – WOW, you have such Pride in your rape Convict Relatives DUH! lol and you married a KIWI? are you serious?? LMAO,that poor woman -

  68. figjam said

    You know you have won the argument when they have to resort to swearing and personal family attacks. Im used to winning…im an aussie…hehe

  69. pam said

    figjam NO I wasnt arguing with you, I was simply having a good laugh at your expense

  70. notamused said

    it’s always Fun to watch the Aussies & Kiwis slating each other

  71. Marita said

    Maybe Pam and Truekiwijoker should get together?

  72. Squivy said

    Lovely couple, somebody had better set a date!

  73. Marita said

    Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone use wikipedia as a reliable source of information. But it is interesting that Pem raises the convict thing as an attempted insult. First of all, the number of people in OZ descended from convicts is in the minority. The population includes the indigenous Aborigines, some convicts who got their ticket of leave, but the vast majority came from waves of migration of people wanting to start a new life (UK, southern Europe, Asia, NZ etc), including many who came for the gold rush when Melbourne’s population exploded. The same of course applies to NZ who also had waves of migrants from the same sources including its own mini gold rush. The pride in pioneers coming over with virtualy nothing to make something of their lives is a common heritage. But what Pam and perhaps other kiwis may not understand is that Australians relish finding a convict in their family tree, mainly because it is quite rare. My husband’s ancestor came over from Ireland as a convict after a minor squirmish, he became valet to a British soldier, got his ticket of leave and ended up becoming member of the first Queensland parliament. What a story! Some of the jibes expressed here have really shocked me, perhaps because there is more taunting in Sydney than I was aware of. I certainly was never remotely aware of any hostility between the countries before I moved over and was surprised when I would be introduced as Australian “but we won’t hold that against you”. It certainly wears thin after a while and I can imagine kiwis being just as miffed if they were told they were only seen on the dole queue, etc. Lets get away from these juvenile stereotypes and realise we have a hell of a lot in common.

  74. pam said

    hahahahaha why thank you Mashita & Squidgy lol, you’re too kind.. and YES, Wikipedia never lies, so you can paint that ridiculous picture anyway you want, but the truth remains that ALL Ockers are descendants of Convicts :-D

  75. Marita said

    hmm, hard following up last post, this site is attracting some really “interesting” people.

    I just thought it might be worth sharing that this story and Trevor Mallard’s quote was read out on the Friday night comedy show “Newsquiz” on BBC radio 4, on 8 May 2009 (available by podcast and worth subscribing to). Ciao!

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