Breaking News: Trundlers spotted in NZ

Just to prove to the naysayers, these so-called “born and bred” Kiwis who had never heard of a shopping trolley being called a trundler before, irrefutable proof has been spotted at my local Countdown:

In case you need a closer look:

Honestly, next thing you lot will be telling me a New Zealander was the first to split the atom or something.

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  1. Chris In Abu Dhabi said

    Ive never heard of trundler before, although when I was at Uni I do recall hearing it. Im from SOuthland so maybe its an upper north island thing, good spotting though !!!

  2. James S said

    I’m pretty sure our local Mitre 10 has trundler parks as well.

  3. Grant said

    So! Big deal. It’s not like you’ve found a link between CO2 and Climate Change.

  4. David said

    This is not irrefutable proof, as the store in question may simply be located in a suburb named ‘Trundler Park’.

  5. admin said


    You got me there.


  6. David said

    …and there is always the picturesque beachside suburb of Trundler Bay

  7. James said

    Quite a strange one this. I’ve only ever seen trolleys called ‘trundlers’ when it comes to the parking spot. This confused me as a kid in Upper Hutt because the local Pak’n’Save would have a trundler park, though i’d never heard anybody call a trolley a ‘trundler’

  8. David said


    I can imagine your bewilderment as a small child because of such a confusing matter – but it’s time to forget such disturbing incidents. The trundlers never existed. They were all in your imagination.

    (but check under the bed before you go to sleep just in case!)

  9. Toni said

    BRAVO! As an Australian living in NZ for six years, I’m loving your blogs. Trundler Park was one thing that I was very amused about. Bloggers should be knighted.

  10. Ben said

    Small things amuse small minds.

  11. admin said

    You’d better believe it Ben.

  12. Scott said

    I’m sure I bought some Fush and Chups from a takeaway at the “Trundler Park” shopping mall once …

  13. peter said

    In the days before golf carts (and buggies) there were golf trundlers. I hated that word. It’s one of those words unique to kiwis that people from other countires laugh at us about.

  14. Consumist said

    Hi, the reason it says ‘trundler’ is because Woolworths Australia own Countdown (Progressive). They are currently rebranding all (NZ)Woolworths, Foodtown and Countdown stores with the signage and colours in your photo. It’s highly likely that this was all planned in Australia (that’s not a conspiracy) as the interiors are all done in Australia modeled on their Woolworths stores. This is probably just part of a standardisation process throughout all the stores in Australasia. Having said that, I knew what a trundler was.

  15. Jimbo said

    Trundler, eh? Sounds like a fat rugby player. Like Matt Dunning.

    I’m living in Melbourne at the moment and there’s one bloody thing about supermarket shopping which rips my nightie.

    How the hell are you supposed to use a trundler/trolley where all four wheels swivel indepedently? In New Zealand (from recollection) they’re set up so the back two wheels are fixed, and the front two swivel. In Australia, all four swivel.

    This sounds all well and good till you try to push the trundler/trolley up a hill and it keeps trying to roll sideways down the hill.

    I think it’s a conspiracy by the panelbeaters.

  16. Ellie said

    Trundler is an ancient blue rinse term. Something my great grandmother would have used. Our trundler live under our spare bed and is decidedly wooden.

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